How Did It All Begin?


It all began with our passion for sharing good food in the good old days.

Every family has its own recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and ours is no exception. In the good old days of Hong Kong, people loved to share their dishes and recipes with everybody in the neighborhood. Because of that, simple family recipes evolved into some of the finest not just for stir-fries and stews, but also for a variety of sauces.
Today, we’ve fine-tuned our nostalgic family and friends’ recipes for sauces and brought some of them to your dining tables using the healthiest and most natural ingredients we could source.
Although we are a small family business, we take every step of the production process very seriously, just as if we were eating it ourselves. This gave rise to our tagline: “We make what we eat; we eat what we make… with Love!

What is Homaido?

“Homaido” literally translates to “good flavor” or “yummy” in Cantonese. The original spelling was “Ho Mei Do”, but we decided to blend it with the Japanese word “Umai” of the same meaning and “Do” to create “Way of the Yummies”.
Our aim was to infuse our brand with a down-to-earth and nostalgic essence reminiscent of the bygone days in Hong Kong. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the neon signs that adorned noodle houses in the 1960s. These signs symbolized uncomplicated, delightful meals that resonated with the everyday person.

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